The Best Features Of A Good GPS

According to Wikipedia, GPS enables airborne, sea and land users to determine exact location, velocity and time in all weather condition anywhere in the world. That’s great. But why do bike riders need GPS? Well I can think of one or two reasons why. A good GPS turns many adventures into incredible journeys, opening up new experiences allowing one to explore and find new places with friends or alone.

One may choose a good GPS according to his or her taste,regarding their individual requirements. But there are some things that good GPS should have. They may range from;

• Being waterproof
Motorcycles can be ridden in any weather. A good GPS should be sealed completely from bad weathers thus it should be waterproof and also be able to withstand direct sunlight, extremely hot and cold temperatures and so on.

• Mapping
The GPS you get should have diverse maps of various different landscapes. Upgrades should be available too. This will reduce the cost incase one decides to travel in different countries and continents.

The battery life should be able to function the GPS as long as possible. Most probably it’s going to be inconvenient to keep on changing or charging the battery frequently.

• Robustness
The GPS you acquire should be able to handle the vibrations that the motorcycle will produce. It should be able to stay intact without coming off and providing great functionality synonymously.

• User-friendly
The GPS should be easy to use and to mount it on the bike. The buttons should be easily accessed and able to be pressed. The screen should be responsive to your fingers regardless if you have gloves or not.

• voice guidance
This application makes it easy for the rider since it is not going to be easy reading a map while riding. The GPS should have a high quality guiding voice. This application makes riding a bike with GPS much safer.

• Memory
The GPS should have enough memory capacity to store all your information. These memory can be stored in the form of flash memory, hard drives or cards.

• Bluetooth
In order to be safe while driving, a GPS having wireless connection is much safer in times of receiving phone calls.

• Price
The features, easiness of using and the built quality should be able to justify the price tag of the GPS.

In addition to all this features, the screen resolution of the GPS should be very clear, plus the screen size should be moderate. The GPS should have a very quick processor for calculating routes on the road accurately.

All of the above are essential to be in a good GPS.