A Closer Look At Ebates.com

What is ebates.com? Ebates is mainly a website that provides all its members with an opportunity to earn some cash when they make purchases online. The website was started by two Deputy District Attorneys found in Silicon Valley back in 1998. Ebates is therefore legit and you don’t have to worry when doing business with them. Below is an ebates.com review to help you clearly understand the website.

How Does The Website Work?

Ebates.com has more than two thousand affiliate stores and it’s mainly managed in a manner that is similar to various affiliate marketing sites. Some of the stores working with the website include Target, Ebay, Walmart and also Amazon. Ebates is paid a commission by these stores for referring customers to their stores. Ebates is then able to share this commission with its members and it mainly acts as a middleman.

Basically, what you do is go to a particular online store via ebates.com. You’re then able to go to your favorite online store, make a purchase and then get some of your cash back. It is worth noting down that you also have the option of using various coupons found in the stores. The amount of cash you get varies depending on the product category and the particular store that you purchase your product.

Pros Of Ebates.com
– You’re able to save a lot of cash for all purchases that you make in various online stores.
– Ebates helps you get high quality products at very affordable prices.
– The website is also very important because it assists you in getting the best online store that always delivers great service to its customers.
– Provides you with an opportunity to earn some income when you refer family or friends to Ebates.
– It is free to join and you also have the option of choosing the sign up bonus you want.

– You have to always remember to go through the website each and every time. However, it’s a minor inconvenience that you easily get used to after a period of time.
– You get paid quarterly which is approximately once in every four months. However, if you’re a very consistent online shopper, the cash should add up quick and within a short period of time.

This ebates.com review clearly described above will help know how you can earn some cash each time you purchase a product using various online stores. You should consider using PayPal as your payment option and it’s very important to always enable cookies on your computer each time you visit the website for authentication purposes.