Amazon Echo: The Best Smart Speaker

Smart Speakers are the future of home automation. There are several smart speakers on the market, however, Amazon Echo is the best. This article is a complete review of Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo is a cylindrical device that measures 9.25 X 3.27 inches. The device is matte black in color. The lower part of the device is covered with tiny circular perforations, there is a gray Amazon logo at the bottom. The top part has no perforations, it is completely smooth except for the volume ring which turns left and right. At the top of the device are two buttons. The first button controls the microphone while the second button is a multipurpose button. The device has seven microphones and also comes with a remote control.

Amazon Echo is very easy to operate. The product comes with a clearly printed and easy to understand manual. Once the device is plugged in, download the app and follow the instructions to the letter. The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The app makes the device very easy to use. The app displays a history of all the questions you can ask “Alexa” the automated assistant. Whenever you want the device to be activated, simply say “Alexa” Alexa can play music, tell you the weather report, activate the radio and read newspapers online. Amazon Echo can also be integrated with several smart home devices. This will allow Alexa to be able to control the lights in your living room and kitchen, turn on devices among others. Amazon Echo is a good listening device due to the incorporation of voice recognition technology. Amazon has been consistently upgrading the app since it was first introduced in the market. The capacity of the device to play music and assist with home automation has consistently increased. Amazon Echo is so amazing in the performance that you can simply ask questions and get answers. So efficient is “Alexa” that it can be used to shop online conveniently. Alexa can shop anything you want from Amazon without mixing up your orders.

The Echo performs well in terms of audio output. The Echo does a good job in balancing treble, midrange, and bass. The device is very good for listening to music. Echo is compatible with several music streaming apps among which includes Amazon Prime, Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, iHeartRadio among others. The device can also be used to play audio books.

Amazon Echo is not the only smart speaker on the market but it is the best. Amazon Echo and Google Home both need to be plugged in, in order to work, however, Amazon Echo is better in performance than Google Home. The only edge Google Home has over Amazon Echo is that it is more compatible with Google products like Youtube.

The Amazon Echo is an amazing app that can order music online, play music, read local and national newspapers, shop online and switch on devices within the home. The Amazon Echo is an essential device that should be in every home.